Friday 2-10-17

Coach's thoughts on today:

2 death by in the same day? What?! We are keeping the first to 15min just in case, cause that's already a ton of reps. Sub out ring rows if you need too, it's still going to be rough. All week has been tough. Make sure you guys are foam rolling/stretching etc. and if you are really sore already please scale. Your workouts provide stimulus to adapt too, but if you're so beat up you can't adapt then take it easy here.


  • Kettlebell Warm-up

10 reps each hand of the following:
Russian Swing
Clean & Press
Sots Press
Turkish Get-up


  • Death By Pull-up (AMRAP - Reps)

1 rep the first minute.  2 reps the second minute etc. until  you are unable to complete the required reps under 60 seconds.


  • Death by Clean and Jerk (AMRAP - Reps)

Floor to shoulder - shoulder to overhead