Wednesday 2-15-17

Coach's thoughts on today:
 So today we should probably go over some basic concepts in Pose Running... (

If you're already a good runner go ahead and start with some pretty good effort to run fast. If you're not, then spend the first 2 intervals or so to practice these Pose concepts. The rest in between intervals is up to you to get the best possible times.


  • Diesel / Amped Warm-up

20Jumping Jacks
20Seal Jumps with Leg Switches
20Pogo Jumps
5eFull Body Circles
10Arm Circles each (forward and back)
10Elbows Circles each (F / B)
10Wrist Circles (F / B)
5eShoulder Rotations
10Air Squats
10Squat to Stand
10Push-up Plus (Level 1)
10Push-up Plus (Level 2)
10Push-up Plus (Level 3)
5ePush-up Plus (Level 4)
8    Cobra
5eMt Climber/Spiderman
5eMt Climber/Twist
5ePerfect Stretch
15Band Pull Aparts
10Band Dislocates
5    Plow to Straddle/Pancake
5    Backward Rolls into Pigeon
3eSquat to Forward Lunges
5eStanding Glute Stretch
5eCradle Walks


  • 400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run

  • Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6x400m run