Friday 2-24-17

Coach's thoughts on today:
You'll see quite of few of these kinds of days where I give some time to work on running drills before a workout with running. It is hard to "learn" to run well when you are tired so drills while fresh will help. Most of you have no trouble with kettlebell hip hinging but a few of you still like to use a lot of knees. If you are doing the Open workout, obviously this won't be something you'll do before.


  • Agility drills


Some Pose running drills would be good to work on here, also some glute activation/hip hinging work as well. If you are a little more advanced you may consider working on a technique that allows you to shorten the ROM of your KBS. This is something you see in competition quite a bit.


  • 4 rounds for time:

400m run
35 Kettlebell swings (24/16)