Monday 3-13-17

Coach's thoughts on today:
Let's start with the warm-up, I do tend to beat this dead horse, but gymnastic warm-ups are skill based, so really focus on developing whatever level you are performing. Then as you move into the strength segment you'll work some of the same muscle groups as in the warm-up so you may go a little lighter than you first thought. But what is really important to note is that Form will be performing strict shoulder presses and strict Cuban presses, while Consistency and Intensity perform the same movements with leg drive (i.e. Push press/muscle snatch). I want you all to see the way these movements relate to each other.


  • Gymnastic Warm-up Day 1 (Upper Body Pressing/Legs)

Level 1: (No requirements)
A1. Kick to handstand; 5x3 attempts
A2. Ring Push-ups; 5x5
A3. Tripod/Frog stand 5x10s
B1. Overhead Squat; 3x10
B2. KB Deadlift/Goblet Squat; 3x10

Level 2: (3 strict pull-ups; Wall Handstand; 3 Ring dips; 15 OHS @ 45/33)
A1. HSPU; 5X5
A2. Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip Ext.; 3x10

Level 3: (1 Muscle up; HSPU)
A1. HSPU [full ROM strict]; 5X5
A2. Advanced Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip and Back Ext.; 3x10

Level 4: (1 Strict Muscle up; EROM HSPU; Weighted Pistol)
A1. HeSPU; 5x3
A2. Tuck Planche; 5x10-12s
B1. Weighted Pistol 3x5ea
B2. GHR; 3X5


  • Form: Shoulder Press (5x5)

  • F:A2: Cuban Press (5x10)

a "muscle snatch" only not fast

  • C/I: Push Press (5-5-5-5-5)

  • A2: Muscle Snatch (5x10)


  • Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

6 rounds
45s Double unders
15s rest

If you can't do doubles, perform speed singles