Jason is a long-time Karma athlete, joining us in February of 2010.  He became CF-L1 in July of 2013 but has been a long time leader, and not just at Karma.

Jason has exemplified leadership for over a decade going back to ROTC in college and his leadership role as a full time Dual-Status Federal Technician for the California Army National Guard.  Jason has focused his military leadership positions towards improving overall Soldier fitness and coordinated diet, weight training, conditioning, and lifestyle working groups tailored towards helping others establish and achieve goals.  He's been so committed to this that during his 2012 mobilization to Afghanistan he introduced Soldiers to CrossFit, developing them into more well rounded individuals while fostering camaraderie among the unit away from home and family.

Jason has much more time than most in putting his fitness and leadership to the test through numerous military specialty skill courses (Airborne School, Air Assault School, and the Sapper Leader Course) and it is these experiences that drive home the value of Karma CrossFit.

And Jason always welcomes conversation about the CrossFit Games and the sport side of what we do.