Nicole has been with Karma since almost the beginning.  Though she started doing CrossFit up in Washington.  It was a different vibe, 25 or more people per class, but she saw the magic.  When she moved to southern California and found Karma CrossFit she flourished.  She improved her technique and discipline and nutrition to the point that coaching was her only real option.  Now she tries daily to instill the values of Karma CrossFit in others.

At Karma Nicole has realized that you are responsible for your life, your actions, and the impact you can have on others. Nicole’s primary focus as a coach is to specialize in working with women and making them more comfortable with having a strong body. Nicole has found that with a strong body, comes confidence and a strong mind, two attributes she hopes to instill in other CrossFit women.

Nicole is definitely the person around Karma with the big push for people competing.  She's discovered so many things about herself through USAW competitions and local event's put on by other CrossFit affiliates and wants others to know how empowering it is to overcome struggle.